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We are a community-driven gym that believes in helping you to achieve your goals, whether they're big or small. We're very supportive, encouraging, and friendly—you really feel it when you walk through the doors.

When you train with us, you'll have access to 22,000 square feet of indoor turf, which means we can set up multifaceted workouts that are unique each and every day. We have never repeated a workout once in 10 years! In fitness transformation, this huge because our bodies need constant change in order to make progress.

We have thousands of pounds of dumbbells, kettlebells, plates and more! The variety of equipment allows us to use the whole dome to hold larger classes, however you're never going to feel like you're crammed in a gym! In addition, we really make an effort to utilize the entire space every single class. There's also free parking, change rooms, and we have a lounge. If that wasn’t enough, our outdoor classes utilize the amazing grounds that include an outdoor field and great trails right next door!

We are a community that engages outside the gym as well. Besides fitness, we really value community events, engaging with our members’ needs and fundraisers! We enjoy rallying beside our members who may be experiencing a particular challenge they may be going through, we also love rock climbing together as a community, fundraising around the local community and more!  One of the most exciting things we do outside of class times is offer a community co-ed sports league that is partnered with Toronto City Church! A definite must try!


At Resilience, we l strive to foster a strong and supportive community. We believe that fitness can be an incredibly rewarding experience when you have the right people around you. So if you want to get fit, experience a rewarding health journey and join the greatest fitness community in Toronto, come check out Resilience today!


“Such a high vibe gym with a huge focus on community! Love the challenging workouts and all the coaches are super attentive and motivating! The classes are designed to push you to your max but also accessible for all levels,
with lots of options to choose from.”

Sharon H.

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