This class will test your max-effort by challenging you with short, explosive intervals with quick rest periods. Expect your entire body to be tested with compound movements, sprints, agility ladders, sleds & more! Participants can expect to develop strength, cardio and power. Bring on the sweat!

This class will challenge all levels of fitness by combining strength & cardio movements for the duration of 6-10 minute timed-rounds. Designed to challenge your endurance and strength, participants will feel the ‘inner-athlete’ within, battling through 3-4 rounds of greatness! It’s ‘YOU-vs-YOU’! Will you come out victorious?

An epic one-hour workout structured into two challenging components—during the first half of the workout, participants are faced with two giant circuits of strength training & powerful bursts of cardio! The second half of class will comprise of our signature ‘finisher’ –a 10-15 minute all-out challenge—one that will test you physically & mentally! Participants can expect to see a variety of dumbbells, kettlebells, rowers, bikes and sleds—scalable to everyone’s ability.

Bring on a new challenge, Resilience is offering HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to add some spicy variety to your workout routine. With powerful bursts of energy and short recoveries, ‘IGNITE’ is athletic & relentless while being fun & empowering. A big 30-minutes of high intensity strength/cardio, followed by strengthening and a good stretch - come share in the passion of this incredible training.

Prepare for an upper body blast! This class will leave you feeling pumped—from the arms & chest to the back and shoulders—partcipants will hit the entire upper body! This class is focused on building strength using exercises such as the bench press, pull-ups, dips, curls and more!

This is a class that is focused on building strength, compound movements and functional movement patterns in the lower body (Squats, RDL's, Deadlifts). The focus of these classes is to build hypertrophy and there is an emphasis in lifting heavier, lower reps, and longer rest. Are you ready?

We are super pumped about this 90-minute class that will offer a challenge that Resilience Fitness members have yet to see! ‘SURVIVOR’ will be push your limits; endurance, speed, strength, focus and grit will be required! Rower, Bikes, Skiers, Dumbells, Kettlebells, and Laps all included! SURVIVOR is an intermediate/advanced level class and not suitable for a first class. Please see Coach Andrew to see if SURVIVOR is right for you, or to set a plan to get there!

Improving mobility will help you become a better athlete and help take away some of the aches & pains that comes with training or previous injuries. ‘MOBILITY’ will focus on improving range of motion and flexibility through various techniques anyone can do in class or at home! Learn how to prime your body to move effectively in heavier lifts, with bodyweight and light equipment.

A 45 minute low impact, high intensity class designed to strengthen your core and sculpt your lower body. Focusing on all aspects of the core, from abdominal, obliques, glutes and posterior chain - Get ready to feel the BURN!