• To ensure a proper and safe warm-up, please ensure you arrive on time. Anyone later than 5 minutes after a class has begun will be unable to workout.

  • As a member of Resilience Fitness, we ask that you ensure you are checked in (via the team iPad) for each attended class to avoid a no-show.

  • For any injuries or modifications:

    • Stop any movements that cause pain, and let one of our coaches know so we may suggest an alternate

    • If you are attending a class with a known injury, please inform the coach prior to class for modifications, and only work within your comfortable range/intensity

    • In the unfortunate case that an injury is sustained during class, we require you to notify a coach to assist you right away. An incident report form is also required.

  • We recommend bringing water for proper hydration, towel for those extra sweaty workouts, and a coachable mindset to get the most out of your hour with us!


  • Auto-renew Membership: the easiest method of membership:

    • Your credit card will be charged for the membership amount on the same day each month, based on the first date of purchase.

    • Requests to cancel auto-renew must be made in writing to contact@resiliencefitness.ca a minimum of 3 business days in advance of your next billing cycle.
      *Minimum 3 month commitment on monthly auto-renew before cancellation*

    • Any failed credit card transactions will be charged $15.00 after the maximum of 3 attempts.

  • Membership Holds: memberships can be placed on hold due to injuries or travel

    • Timeframe for holds is a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 3 months

    • Please notify the Resilience team at contact@resiliencefitness.ca with the start and end dates of your hold, at least 7 days in advance of your payment date

  • Introductory offers and Class Passes:

    • Introductory offers are available to new members as a one-time use only

    • Introductory offers cannot be used in conjunction with Groupon coupons or sales, and vice versa

    • Class passes and offers are available for a single individual only and cannot be shared

  • Refunds can be made within 3 days of purchase.