Resilience Prime is a class is for everyone—from the advanced athlete to the beginner.  This class will teach you the fundamentals about perfecting your movements and proper technique and execution. You will learn coaching cues and how to become more aware of your body so that you are confident you are getting the most out of your workouts!

This class is spilt up into 3 different classes to teach you all the fundamental techniques we go over in each class.


Resilience Prime: Push and Pull Day

Push Movements - In this class, clients will learn how to properly perform a push-up (all modifications will be taught). Clients will also learn how to perform any push movements with dumbbells. Special attention will be put on setting the shoulders in the right place and making sure enough external rotation is used in the shoulders. During pushups special attention will be place on making sure core is rigid and hips and head are not dipping.

Pull Movements - You will also be taught how to do pull-ups (and modifications for pull-ups such as band pulls). They will also learn how to properly do a TRX row, as well as a bent over row. Special attention will be spent on keeping core rigid and setting shoulders in the right place to row properly. Clients will also learn to do a hip hinge when performing bent over row.

Resilience Prime: Squat, Lunge, Deadlift

In this class, clients will be taught how to properly squat. Special attention will be spent on keeping core engaged to protect lower back, as well as ensuring knees and hips moving in the optimal position. Clients will also be taught how to lunge properly (with and without weight). Special attention will be spent on knee position to ensure knees are not internally rotating or crossing over the foot too much. Clients will also be taught how to deadlift (traditional and RDL) and to effectively move their pelvis and engage their core muscles. This will prepare them for any type of lift to keep their core safe.

Resilience Prime: Dynamic and Athletic Movements

Dynamic Movements - This class will prep you for our Group Training warm-ups! Learn how to properly execute the core dynamic warm-up movements so you can get your body warm and blood flow pumping. Understanding and learning these movements will prevent injury from occurring and optimize your performance in all of our classes!

Athletic Movements - You will also will learn how to perform various athletic exercises such as prowlers, box jumps, and battle ropes! Learn how to maximize power, strength, and athleticism during these movements! Having the technique down will also allow you to get the most out of these exercises and help you build a solid foundation for progressions.