Resilience Fitness officially launched in February of 2015. Co-founders Joshua, Andrew and Rolli embarked on this journey together with a vision to impact Toronto by way of community and fitness! Although Josh, Andrew and Rolli have been long-time friends--dating back to 2001--the idea to start their own fitness community was birthed in summer of 2014 during pivotal stages of their lives. Joshua had recently graduated from teachers college, while Andrew and Rolli had obtained fire-fighting certification in Texas, actively pursuing a career in fire fighting. Together, they wrestled with the idea of starting their own business while working together at a local gym. They soon found themselves running group fitness classes together (see picture below); it was at this pivotal point that the Resilience Fitness journey began!

Once Monarch Park Stadium became the official launch-site of Resilience, Josh, Andrew and Rolli diligently invited friends and family out to classes to start the Resilience journey strong. The first class was filled with people of all different fitness levels (see picture below) and the Resilience Fitness community officially began!

Since building its foundation, Resilience continually offers its service in a safe and welcoming environment, ensuring to have a positive impact in the community. People, Community, Integrity & Results are the pillars that Resilience stands on and remain to be of utmost importance.

In the fall of 2016, Resilience was ecstatic to run their first charity event called Hustle N' Flow in support of The Canadian Woman's Foundation to raise money and awareness for sex trafficing victims. Resilience followed up in the fall of 2017 with Hustle N' Flow 2.0 for SickKids hospital to raise money for Cochlear implants. (see pictures below)

In 2017, Resilience was delighted to bring on three new coaches to the team that share a similar vision. Nadia Cawley, Cara Cornacchia, Dupe Oyewumi. (see pictures below)