What do you bring to Resilience?
I bring a passion for people. I naturally love seeing people grow and develop. Being part of a process that helps people transform not only their bodies, but their mind as well has been the most satisfying part of my involvement in Resilience.

What Inspires you?
I never really liked lower body exercises while training as a professional football player because I found them boring, and there was no sense of visual satisfaction that mattered. I trained them just enough to get what I needed out of them on the football field. After I stopped playing, I saw my legs as more of an experiment as I tampered with different exercises, and quickly they grew to be my favourite part of the body to work on.My faith. Having a tightly held belief focused on personal growth and overcoming obstacles inspires me every day and allows me to be more engaging in my thoughts. I am also continually inspired by the people I meet through the Resilience doors. When I get a peek in their lives, get to know their goals, and hear and see what they feel Resilience is doing for them, it is equivalent to a desert ridden parched traveler getting to drink fresh spring water for the first time.

What is Resilience to you?
Resilience is loving and believing in yourself enough to push through all obstacles.

Certifications: Canfit Pro Trainer, Agatsu Kettlebell Cert., B.A Hon.


What do you bring to Resilience?
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” As a trainer, I strive to expand and improve the services of resilience to provide clients with knowledge and information they need to reach their individual fitness goals. From individuals who are brand new to fitness to seasoned vets, I strive to continue to evolve resilience to elevate their fitness level, self-motivation, confidence and as a result improve their well-being. Clients can take this learned information and apply it to their fitness regiment in the future and/or apply it to personal goals.

What is Resilience to you?
Resilience is many things to me. It is a persistence to continue to bring new components to the fitness world and make an impact on those clients directly/indirectly involved. To face challenges that hold me back from reaching my most potential. To inspire clients to chase their passion whether it be fitness or non-fitness related. To consistently reflect on how I think and feel as a trainer…and to be content when I experience failure. Resilience to me is to overcome these failures/challenges with a positive mindset and to learn from my experiences whether they be positive or negative.

Certifications: Can Fit Pro Trainer, Nutritional Advisor Certification, Functional Movement Screen Certification, Restorative Yoga Certification. (Union Yoga and Wellness), B. ED., B.A Hon.


What do you bring to the Resilience Community?
I create an atmosphere where people can leave their comfort zones confidently. I believe great things never come in comfort zones and that people truly grow when they test their limits.

What inspires you?
My faith. The opportunity to live in grace is a gift- -it is my foundation and inspires me to confidently chase the dreams in my heart. I want to see what God can do through me. That is my inspiration.

What is Resilience to you?
It’s whatever I need it to be. It’s abundance in drought. It’s integrity surrounded by easy. It’s inspiration for people & communities. It’s having the unexplainable foresight and faith in all circumstances for something worth fighting for.

Certifications: Agatsu Kettlebell Cert., B.A Hon.



What do you bring to resilience?
My aim is to continuously reveal the BEAST that resides in everyone, and to challenge the community in improving their fitness goals.  It never gets old when I convince members to jump higher, run faster, lift heavier and after they've done it, they always say "I never knew I could do that!"  That statement motivates me to keep pushing them even further.

What inspires you? 
My faith inspires me and is the driving force behind all my pursuits; it keeps me disciplined, humbled, motivated and hopeful.  I'm also inspired by people who are fearless and set forth in pursuing and achieving their goals through hard work.

What is resilience to you? 
Resilience to me means having faith and the belief in myself to never concede, because challenges are inevitable, but overcoming them will lead to growth.

Certifications: CanFitPro Trainer, College Diploma Hon.



What do you bring to Resilience?
I bring passion and vision to resilience. Passion can start a fire and when that fire is used correctly, it can blaze a trail for vision. People want to be apart of a movement of passionate people who have vision. That's all inside of me, so I gotta bring it to the table! 

What inspires you? 
I am inspired when I see people transform. When I see someone rise up from their lowest and step into their best, that inspires me. I am also inspired by humble people who do great things and go great lengths for others; especially when nobody knows it, see's it or understands how much they do "behind the scenes" but them. 

What is Resilience to you? 
Resilience is a community to me..yes. There are a lot of communities out there though. But this one has potential. I really see that. Potential to do great things for others because the foundation is built on love. Everything great is birthed from that place. 

Certifications: Former D1 soccer athlete (university of Dayton, Ohio) , BA in Exercise Science , Youth Canadian national soccer team, Former WBFF bikini fitness competitor, ISSA personal trainer certified , Team Isagenix Athlete


What is Resilience to you? 
Marianne Williamson once said: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”
As a Resilience coach, I will push every member to reach their greatest potential. We as human beings are so much stronger than we think and we all need someone to help us challenge ourselves beyond the physical and mental limits that we create for ourselves. I will be part of each members’ journey to strive for greatness and reach their maximum potential.

What Inspires you?
My family. They are the best and most loving people that I have ever known. They have all seen me at my highest and lowest points, and have loved me all the same --- unconditionally and with no judgement. They support me and challenge me every minute of every day and have taught me to keep living this life and stand up for what I believe in, no matter how hard. I strive to continue to live in their image and be the best version of myself.

What does Resilience mean to you?
Resilience means that even in my darkest moments, I believe that I have the inner strength to overcome any obstacle that comes my way. #impossibleisnothing

Certifications: CanFitPro Trainer

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What do you bring to Resilience? 
I will find the best in you and in class we will bring it out. If you want to laugh, sweat, and reach your potential, I will support you along the ride ! 

What Inspires you? 
When I see people who have overcome adversity. It makes me cry all the time ! 

What does Resilience mean to you?
Resilience is love in action.

No matter the circumstance, resilience is the humble realization that there's meaning in the journey, it is peoples' willingness to get back up, and it is the quiet voice inside that says, 'keep going'. 

CanFit Pro, Certified Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), Varsity Athlete (McGill University). Co-founded online community called 'Our Little Point', which focuses on mental, emotional and physical wellness.