What do you bring to Resilience?
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” As a trainer, I strive to expand and improve the services of resilience to provide clients with knowledge and information they need to reach their individual fitness goals. From individuals who are brand new to fitness to seasoned vets, I strive to continue to evolve resilience to elevate their fitness level, self-motivation, confidence and as a result improve their well-being. Clients can take this learned information and apply it to their fitness regiment in the future and/or apply it to personal goals.

What is Resilience to you?
Resilience is many things to me. It is a persistence to continue to bring new components to the fitness world and make an impact on those clients directly/indirectly involved. To face challenges that hold me back from reaching my most potential. To inspire clients to chase their passion whether it be fitness or non-fitness related. To consistently reflect on how I think and feel as a trainer…and to be content when I experience failure. Resilience to me is to overcome these failures/challenges with a positive mindset and to learn from my experiences whether they be positive or negative.

Certifications: Can Fit Pro Trainer, Nutritional Advisor Certification, Functional Movement Screen Certification, Restorative Yoga Certification. (Union Yoga and Wellness), B. ED., B.A Hon.


What do you bring to the Resilience Community?
I create an atmosphere where people can leave their comfort zones confidently. I believe great things never come in comfort zones and that people truly grow when they test their limits.

What inspires you?
My faith. The opportunity to live in grace is a gift- -it is my foundation and inspires me to confidently chase the dreams in my heart. I want to see what God can do through me. That is my inspiration.

What is Resilience to you?
It’s whatever I need it to be. It’s abundance in drought. It’s integrity surrounded by easy. It’s inspiration for people & communities. It’s having the unexplainable foresight and faith in all circumstances for something worth fighting for.

Certifications: Agatsu Kettlebell Cert., B.A Hon.



What do you bring to resilience?
My aim is to continuously reveal the BEAST that resides in everyone, and to challenge the community in improving their fitness goals.  It never gets old when I convince members to jump higher, run faster, lift heavier and after they've done it, they always say "I never knew I could do that!"  That statement motivates me to keep pushing them even further.

What inspires you? 
My faith inspires me and is the driving force behind all my pursuits; it keeps me disciplined, humbled, motivated and hopeful.  I'm also inspired by people who are fearless and set forth in pursuing and achieving their goals through hard work.

What is resilience to you? 
Resilience to me means having faith and the belief in myself to never concede, because challenges are inevitable, but overcoming them will lead to growth.

Certifications: CanFitPro Trainer, College Diploma Hon.



What do you bring to Resilience?
I bring passion and vision to resilience. Passion can start a fire and when that fire is used correctly, it can blaze a trail for vision. People want to be apart of a movement of passionate people who have vision. That's all inside of me, so I gotta bring it to the table! 

What inspires you? 
I am inspired when I see people transform. When I see someone rise up from their lowest and step into their best, that inspires me. I am also inspired by humble people who do great things and go great lengths for others; especially when nobody knows it, see's it or understands how much they do "behind the scenes" but them. 

What is Resilience to you? 
Resilience is a community to me..yes. There are a lot of communities out there though. But this one has potential. I really see that. Potential to do great things for others because the foundation is built on love. Everything great is birthed from that place. 

Certifications: Former D1 soccer athlete (university of Dayton, Ohio) , BA in Exercise Science , Youth Canadian national soccer team, Former WBFF bikini fitness competitor, ISSA personal trainer certified , Team Isagenix Athlete


What is Resilience to you? 
Marianne Williamson once said: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”
As a Resilience coach, I will push every member to reach their greatest potential. We as human beings are so much stronger than we think and we all need someone to help us challenge ourselves beyond the physical and mental limits that we create for ourselves. I will be part of each members’ journey to strive for greatness and reach their maximum potential.

What Inspires you?
My family. They are the best and most loving people that I have ever known. They have all seen me at my highest and lowest points, and have loved me all the same --- unconditionally and with no judgement. They support me and challenge me every minute of every day and have taught me to keep living this life and stand up for what I believe in, no matter how hard. I strive to continue to live in their image and be the best version of myself.

What does Resilience mean to you?
Resilience means that even in my darkest moments, I believe that I have the inner strength to overcome any obstacle that comes my way. #impossibleisnothing

Certifications: CanFitPro Trainer

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What do you bring to Resilience? 
My true passion is creating an environment where everyone can thrive and change their own perception of what they are capable of through active encouragement.  My enthusiasm and love for group training can be heard halfway across Toronto (spoiler alert: I am a bit loud).

What Inspires you? 
I am constantly inspired to be better than the man I was yesterday.  Each day we are giving the incredible opportunity to be alive and create the life we have always dreamed of having. The choices we make every day greatly affect what will come tomorrow, so I try to do everything in my power to set myself and the people around me up for success with daily action to create our best lives.

What does Resilience mean to you?
Resilience is the choice to get back up no matter the circumstance.  It is our decision, not life’s or anyone else’s, to keep going through any trial or tribulation.  True strength comes from making it to the other-side of that pain knowing you can handle all life throws your way.

CanFit Pro, American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Instructor, DTS Lean Body Coach, Functional Training Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist, Active Aging Specialist, Bachelor of Arts from Howard University.


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What do you bring to Resilience?
I bring a genuine love for fitness, I fell in love with the style of exercise and the community at Resilience Fitness. I value personal connections and a positive attitude, so as a coach, I love to see the enjoyment in everyone, at every level, pushing their hardest and having a great time together. 

What inspires you?
I am drawn in and inspired by leaders & coaches who see the best in people, and share their knowledge to lead others. I’m inspired by people who are are genuine, real and vulnerable - because that’s how we can find common ground between us. And I’m personally inspired to constantly choose self-awareness & compassion, over the many forms of negativity (and years & years of negative self-image #truth!)

What is Resilience to you?
It’s knowing that there are always ups and downs, but never settling on being held down. It’s believing in yourself even when it’s different, unpopular or when it hurts. And the marching forward, again and again, each time a bit stronger and wiser and more passionate :)

Canfit Pro, FIS, Les Mills Body Attack AIM2, Les Mills Body Combat,  Les Mills GRIT series



What keeps me going?
Hands down, family! I want to demonstrate to my two little girls that fitness, whether it be structured or through sports, should not be a chore but part of your daily routine that you look forward to and love!  Being active leaves you energized for hours and the ability to tackle everyday challenges with a positive outlook.  As a member of the Resilience community for over a year now, I have personally witnessed how much Resilience has embraced the community and become part of my family and so many others.

Oh….and coffee…definitely coffee :)

 What does Resilience mean to me?
For me, Resilience is about adapting to your circumstances.  Life happens, schedules change, kids get sick, its all about being flexible and maintaining your dedication to your passion and beliefs.  It's also about learning from the past, learning new things, helping others and letting others help you so you can grow stronger, be better and bolder.

 What do you bring to Resilience?
ENERGY! They say energy is contagious and I want to share my love and passion for fitness with YOU!  As a coach, I feel privileged when members take the time out their busy schedules to attend class, I don’t take this lightly and strive to create an amazing experience every single time.  I want to bring unique challenges to our members and have them leave feeling exhausted yet energized.  

Canfit Pro, FIS, Les Mills Body Attack AIM1, Les Mills Body Step AIM1, Les Mills Body Pump, Les Mills CxWorx, and Schwinn Cycling.



Registered Physiotherapist, MScPT, BScKin, YTT200 Hours

Heather firmly believes that an active lifestyle is one of the cornerstones of mental and physical wellness. A ‘movement enthusiast’ from a young age, she has played multiple sports, completed five full marathons, completed her yoga teacher training, and been in just about every type of fitness class you can imagine.

Heather completed her Masters of Science in Physiotherapy at the University of Toronto in 2008, and has practiced in private Orthopedic clinics in Canada and New Zealand for the past 10 years. She has worked closely with professional and amateur level athletes, motor vehicle and workplace injuries, and helped clients back to sport after surgery.

Heather joined the Resilience Fitness Community in late 2017 during a period of depression. The intense workouts challenged her physically and developed her physical strength, while the support and energy of the community that gave her a place to belong and helped to her to improve her mental health and holistically overcome her depression.

Heather confidently believes that the more you understand about how to move your body, the stronger and more resilient you can be. She is excited to combine her passion for movement with her love for the Resilience Community in helping members to reduce their pain, heal their injuries and bring their fitness game to the next level.

Heather offers private Physiotherapy and Acupuncture services to the Resilience Community as well as teaching a yoga class.

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RMT, SMT(cc)

Shawna comes from St. John’s Newfoundland where she competed at provincial levels in hockey, rowing and rugby. She moved to Toronto to continue her education in kinesiology and athletic care at York University. It was then she decided to combine her love for sports and training with her knowledge of the human body and rehabilitation process to become an effective practitioner.

Shawna’s passion for anatomy and learning about the human body provides a focus in assessments and treatment plans for her clients including various techniques in the treatment of soft tissue, muscles, and joints in order to relieve pain, increase mobility, restore function and most importantly maintain tissue health. Shawna uses a combination of deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, and Swedish massage to aid in relaxation, increase circulation, and injury prevention.

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Fascial Stretch Therapist

John is born and raised in the Toronto area and grew up playing competitive hockey soccer and lacrosse. His love of sport led him to study Kinesiology at Brock University. John is also a certified strength and conditioning coach and fascial stretch therapist. He can help you with mobility, developing pain free movement and claiming your nervous system.

Fascial Stretch Therapy is an assisted stretching system used to relieve tight joints and muscles, decrease or eliminate painful movement, and create lasting changes in your mobility. Clients will lay on the treatment table and be stretched for 15 - 30 - or 60 minutes at a time. Similar to a massage but with stretching!

It is like exchanging your tight jeans fresh out of the dryer for your favourite pair of sweatpants!